Ministering to Those with Special Needs – Larry Evans

Ministering to Those with Special Needs – Larry Evans

  • Chrissie

    “If they have a dog, (service dog) make sure that you don’t interfere with it”.

    Please please continue awareness training, there are too many churches that won’t even ALLOW a service dog in their doors.

    I am not blind but use a service dog to mitigate my disability. The churches local to me Have Banned service dogs. I wasn’t always disabled, didn’t always use a service dog, but now that I do, it has made me painfully aware of what the disabled go through in our churches.

    It has made it unwelcoming to me, and honestly, how can I invite others that have other-capabilities?

    I was told that I could let them take my dog off-site, where it would be warehoused, and after the services brought back to me. They stated because there were medical professionals that I could share my needs with them and they would be cared for sans service dog.

    I’m sorry, but NO WAY! I am not turning over my ‘medical equipment’ to others, he’s cost me thousands and we have a bond. He’s not a cane or wheelchair (though he helps keep me from needing them as much) and how do you think he’d feel if taken away?

    And then trying to invite others with their service dogs or other medical equipment, I’m not about to tell my medical needs to people that interact with me only on one day of the week, how would people that are strangers be expected to do so! I think this needs addressing. Please, please, won’t someone do so? Thank you! God bless.