A Discipleship Program That Works

Antonio Huerta talks about creating a discipleship program that works....

Why Manners Matter

Christine Chen talks about why manners really do matter....

Doing Ministry Under Difficult Circumstances

Pastor Gary Krause discusses doing ministry in difficult circumstances....

Recent Programs

Comprehensive Urban Ministry

Wes Via talks about comprehensive ministry in an urban setting....

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Preaching fundamentals

Hyveth Williams talks about the fundamentals of good preaching....

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Church Planting in Tough Places

Tara Vincross discusses church planting in difficult places....

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The most effective gospel

Gary Gibbs discusses “The most effective gospel.”...

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Powerful Biblical Preaching
by Derek Morris

"Derek Morris gives us the opportunity to interact with fifteen communicators from several different fellowships. He asks these experienced preachers and writers insightful questions and the readers get the benefit of hearing their answers." – Haddon Robinson, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

"This book will bless my efforts to improve my preaching!" – Barry Black, Chaplain, U.S. Senate

Download the book: